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Reading together

As part of Family Literacy Day, I had a chance to read to my daughter in her classroom this morning, which was a nice treat. For us, reading is a nice go-to family activity that we all enjoy.

We’ve been through a lot of picture books. Below are some of our favourites.







Your local library should have these available. The VPL certainly does. Personally, I would recommend against buying these books at a store because:

  1. Your kids (or you!) will tire of them

  2. They take up space even after you’re done with them

  3. They cost money

I’m fairly confident that we read more (and a greater variety) because we use the library and are therefore not constrained by space or money. We probably read 300 books last year and purchased 0.

While it’s true that e-books also don’t take up (physical) space, they’re not going to displace picture books anytime soon.


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